Get ready for Halloween this year with some home- made style!

Halloween is such a fun celebration not just for kids but for adults too, and is a wonderful way to break up the autumn term. Although obviously originally an Irish celebration, thanks to its American makeover it is now bigger than ever with the shops simply jam-packed with seasonal Halloween products. Why not get into the spirit of Halloween though by making some of your own home-made decorations and treats this year – you can always get the kiddies involved too!

Aside from carving the pumpkin (or turnip depending how old you are!), a lot us rely on shop bought decorations and sweet treats at this time of the year, but if you’ve got a few hours spare than why not turn your hand to creating some things that are just that little bit more unique. There are so many ideas out there so we’ve collected a few of our favourite for you to try here. 



Ghost themed decorations are probably amongst the easiest and most economical to create since all you really need is an old white sheet (clean and washed of course) and a black marker ben. Cut small squares, add eyes and mouths and cover fairy light bulbs for a quick and easy lighting decoration (secure with a bit of string!). Or think bigger and use sheets as table covers – simply draw in the eyes and mouth with the pen for a ghostly makeover.


Bats are another huge Halloween theme so go a bit crazy with black bats made from card. Cut out the design in various sizes (you can always find a template on the internet if you’re drawing skills are a bit dodgy), stick over the walls and table decorations with blue-tack and tape and you have some cool yet budget decorations that the kids can easily help you out with too. 

Sweet Treats

Any kid can tell you that one of the most important parts of Halloween is the ‘treat’ part, so be original with your sweet treats. This can be presenting them in a novel way, or creating some of your very own spooky delights.


These pumpkins are a wonderful way to dish out sweets to eager trick or treaters. Made with orange tissue paper and a bit of green tape, they are quick to make and a fun way to present sweets to eager monsters.


If you’re not a whizz in the kitchen, then don’t worry since you can still make your treats without slaving in the kitchen. Take these rice krispie pumpkins for example which don’t even involve any baking. Melt butter and syrup together then carefully add some orange food colouring and fold in the rice krispies. Shape into small balls and add a piece of a chocolate finger to the top before putting into the fridge to set. When hardened, pipe on a bit of green icing (you can use an icing pen) to the top and use black icing for the features. Delicious, fun to make and kid friendly, they’re sure to a hit.

Don’t leave everything to the last minute this Halloween and get involved in the fun!